We Protect What You
Cannot Afford To Lose

Inadequate security measures cause workplace crime and must be addressed immediately to ensure a safe working environment.


Our priority is to provide the very best in security services thus ensuring customer satisfaction. Westec Security Systems offers a bespoke product for each customer.

Electronic Alarm

Westec Security Systems has established a technical/alarm unit in conjunction with rapid response deployment to augment our services to our cherished customers throughout the country.

Rapid Response

Westec Security Systems’ 24/7 communications hub enables us to bring you a consistently excellent service. You can expect best practice call handling from trained, informed staff with the power to action their decisions.

About Us

Who we are ?

WESTEC SECURITY is a private security organization, which has been in operation since 1995. Our priority is to provide the very best in security services thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our security operations will be designed to cover the staff, property, assets, equipment and the reputation of the Company. This responsibility will not be limited to the assets and employees, but also to non-employees and guests who are invited to the premises.

The Industries We Serve

Some of the corporations we take pleasure in serving

Commercial Sector

Retail stores, Office buildings, Hotels and hospitality businesses

Residential Sector

Gated communities, Apartment complexes, Individual residences, Condominium associations

Industrial Sector

Manufacturing plants, Warehouses, Distribution centers, Factories

Financial Sector

Banks, Credit unions, Insurance companies, Investment firms

Healthcare Sector

Hospitals, Clinics, Medical offices, Nursing homes, Urgent care centers

Transportation and Logistics

Airports, Seaports, Freight and logistics hubs

Corporate and Executive Protection

Corporate headquarters, Executive offices, High-net-worth individuals, VIP protection

Entertainment and Events

Stadiums and arenas, Concert venues, Festivals, Conferences and conventions

Energy and Utilities

Power plants, Water treatment facilities, Renewable energy sites, Oil and gas facilities


Data centers, Broadcasting stations, Telecom offices

Cultural and Historical Sites

Museums, Art galleries, Historical landmarks, Libraries

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Nonprofits

Charity organizations, International aid organizations

Our Training Methods

Preview of how well we train our staff

Our Clients

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